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Rent a CFO from VBO’s Outsourced Accounting Services

Every business needs the assistance of a competent CFO to steer them through the complex regulatory reporting environment, and to facilitate the development of critical financial strategies that will see the continuance of the business into the future.  However, for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), hiring a CFO is usually a matter of affordability.  The unfortunate part is that often the value added by a strong CFO far outweighs the cost to the business.

VBO Accounting Services offers SME companies a unique solution where they can rent a CFO for a time period within their budget, allowing them to recognise the benefits previously afforded only to large companies.  Renting a VBO CFO will allow your company to obtain the skills and expertise of a professional CFO without incurring the cost of full-time employment, bringing additional authenticity to your accounting environment.  Your company will also obtain the added benefit of an independent financial expert as a trusted advisor.

VBO Outsourced Accounting offers the following specific services:

  • IFRS and Companies Act Compliant Financial Reporting
  • Technical accounting treatment and opinions
  • Optimal Business and Financing Structuring advice
  • Cash Flow Management (poor cash flow management is one of the main reasons for businesses failure)
  • Preparation of Budgets and Forecasting
  • Measuring and managing Key Performance Indicators
  • Financial Report Writing – design and development of key financial and operational reports to assist in performance tracking and reporting
  • Financial interface with investors and lenders – with our extensive experience in dealing with both investors and lenders, a VBO CFO can assist by acting as an interface between your business and the financiers
  • Expert financial commentary on management accounts / reports
  • Financial Analysis and Modeling
  • Detailed analysis of your company’s financial environment to assist in pinpointing financial areas of weakness and potential areas for improvement

The potential benefits of outsourcing your accounting requirements to a VBO CFO include:

Financial Clarity – a VBO CFO will help you gain clarity over your financial situation, enabling you to make better, and more informed decisions.  In addition, these trained professionals will highlight areas that require attention in order to improve operational results

Expert Advice – a VBO CFO will be able to provide you with expert advice when you need it and will ask the critical questions that often go unasked

Compliance – a VBO CFO will help to ensure that your company adopts the correct accounting policies to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations

Time Saving – a VBO CFO will help save you time on administrative activities, allowing you to spend more time focussing on core activities

Long-term Focus – a VBO CFO will assist to ensure that adequate effort is spent on critical financial strategies, resulting in improved growth and company longevity

Contact a VBO CFO and obtain the expertise to take your business to the next level.


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