Payroll Outsourcing

Outsource your Payroll Services to VBO and Achieve Compliance the Easy Way

Running a payroll department for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is a difficult task.  As a typical SME does not usually require a full-time payroll assistant, payroll is often delegated as a part-time role to organisation representatives or bookkeepers that are not fully equipped to deliver a fully compliant payroll.

As part of our compliance offering, VBO Payroll Outsourcing is designed to deliver a legally-compliant payroll to our clients.  Our team of payroll experts are able to provide effective systems for processing salaries and wages that ensure your payroll is submitted timeously.  VBO Payroll Outsourcing is a cost effective alternative to running an in-house payroll department

As an alternative to outsourcing the entire payroll function, VBO also offers outsourcing of various components of payroll departments, including the following:

  • Payroll supervision and review (if your company already has a payroll department, but requires assistance in performing regular accuracy, completeness and compliance reviews)
  • Executive payroll (confidentiality, additional compliance requirements for executive salaries)
  • Annual and Bi-annual SARS submissions, including IRP5 Certificates and SARS E@syFile submission
  • Annual audit requirements (we will manage the audit of your payroll directly with your auditors)
  • Customised payroll reporting
  • Quarterly Employment Statistics Reporting
  • Employment Equity Reporting
  • Skills and SETA Reporting

With VBO Payroll Services Outsourcing, your business essentially has the services of a full payroll team available to assist you when you need it, with benefits like:

Costs Saving – save the costs of payroll software, as well as the cost of hiring and training full-time employees to run your payroll department

Expertise – legislation affecting payroll is complex and extensive.  The VBO payroll team are specialists in the payroll area, with the expertise to deliver a fully-compliant payroll

Data Integrity and Confidentiality – by outsourcing your payroll to an external provider, you achieve an added level of confidentiality.  The VBO systems will ensure your data remains confidential and the integrity of your data is protected

Flexibility – VBO is able to provide a variety of alternatives to suit your specific payroll needs, from electronic payslips to customised reporting

If any of the following is applicable to your business, outsourcing some or all of your payroll services to VBO’s team of specialists would be beneficial:

  • Payroll administration takes up a large proportion of your time, preventing you from developing strategies for generating more income
  • You want to have the skills and expertise offered by payroll administration specialists, while retaining control of your finances and payments
  • You are concerned about whether your employment terms and conditions adhere to South African labour law and statutory obligations
  • You lack the appropriate skills and knowledge to fulfil the duties and activities of an HR department

By outsourcing your payroll services to VBO, you are able to focus your time on your core business operations while we take care of your compliance.

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